Treating the Underlying Causes of Age-Related Disease

Underdog develops easy-to-use drugs that prevent common age-related conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart-attack and stroke by addressing the root cause - a build-up of arterial plaque.

The company's technology removes arterial plaque by clearing the non-degradable cholesterol that accumulates within cells in the arterial walls.

Underdog's long-term goal is to deliver a simple and affordable preventive therapy for the world.

Our products are based on novel derivatives of a well-known, safe compound, and a new way of looking at cardiovascular disease created through a SENS Research Foundation program.

Curing age-related disease

  • through damage repair 
  • using simple, direct, rationally designed drugs

... starting with

  • the first true disease-modifying treatment for atherosclerosis

... based on

  • a novel class of well-known, safe compounds called cyclodextrins

... driven by

  • a new perspective on cardiovascular disease

... created through

  • a long-running SENS Research Foundation program 
  • with two-years applied development in an internal, virtual start-up
  • with a launch of $4M 
  • to carry development through candidate selection and lead testing
  • Raise of additional $10M 
  • to carry development through to initial filings with regulatory agency for human clinical trials

Underdog is continuing to develop technology created at SENS Research Foundation to treat, cure, and reverse atherosclerosis.

Underdog Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is pursuing a mission to treat the underlying causes of age-related disease. The company develops simple and direct interventions targeting toxic forms of cholesterol, using rationally designed molecules, to provide the first true disease-modifying treatments for age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, and macular degeneration.

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